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How to make Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet to a Private Android Tablet

1. Install Google Play:

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[Infographic] ‘Channel’-ing Your Customers Expectations

A look at the channels your customers are on, how long they’ll wait for service on each, and their expectations when it comes to their experience between them.

“Does anyone use the phone to make phone calls anymore?” 

According to our 2019 Customer Expectations Report, the answer to that is a resounding yes, with almost 3 in 4 consumers reaching for their phones when looking to companies for support.

But despite the enduring popularity of the phone, overall usage of phone support has dipped 7% since 2017. Instead, consumers are generally living their best multi-channel life, using an average of 3 channels to reach out to companies. Read More

Take Your Personalized Marketing One Step Further To Increase Customer Loyalty: 13 Expert Tips

Personalized marketing makes consumers feel unique and vital. For a business, this could establish a strong bond that will encourage the consumer to buy from their brand again. However, for too many companies, customization efforts typically stop at merely including the name of the customer in an email to them.

Businesses that truly want to stand out in this competitive landscape can’t be this lazy in their personalized marketing. To help those companies interested in going above and beyond in their marketing efforts, 13 members of Forbes Communications Council offer insight into what methods a business can incorporate into their personalized marketing to make an unforgettable impression on the customer and gain a loyal following.

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Four Brands Getting Customer Experience Right

Understanding customer needs and desires across their journey and ensuring organizations can respond accordingly has never been more important. According to Gartner, 81% of marketers say they expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience in by 2020.

Brands who get the customer experience equation right reap greater loyalty and increased revenues. However, those that fail risk customer defection, as two in three consumers say they’ll happily jump ship to brands that provide the best experience or service.

How do companies go about creating inspired customer experiences? They pay attention so they can anticipate and accommodate customer needs. Consider these best practices from brands focused “what’s next” in customer experience, keeping their brands relevant and simplifying and modernizing interactions with customers to maximize convenience.

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Touch Device Collector

Touch Device Collector is a way to get in-the-moment feedback via iPad, Android Tablet, or Windows Tablet / Mini PC with touch monitor. It can work in offline mode in case of no internet connection.

This in-the-moment device can put at the Service Counter, Check-in/ Checkout Counter, Restroom entrance, and more.

Customer service chatbots help reduce product returns

In previous years, Azumi Mobile was overwhelmed with customer calls after the holiday season as users attempted to return smartphones. This year, chatbots helped address that issue.

Alex Cardenal’s numbers looked good even before the holiday return season officially wrapped up. Near the end of January, the chief sales officer at Azumi Mobile said fewer phones were being sent back, questions about products were being resolved faster and call deflection rates were excellent.

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The Four Secrets Of Achieving Customer Satisfaction

What does a satisfied [but not necessarily fully engaged or loyal] customer look like? She thinks your business offers a reasonable solution and delivers it well. If asked, she’ll say nice things about you. But although she may have some warm feelings for your business, she’s not yet an advocate for your brand, and, unlike a truly loyal customer, she can still be wooed away.

A merely satisfied customer is still a free agent, exploring the marketplace. She still has a wandering eye.

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What’s the Difference Between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty?

Customer satisfaction is a measurement of a customer’s attitude toward a product, a service, or a brand. It’s usually measured by a customer satisfaction survey on a numerical scale. Customer loyalty is a set of behaviors and attitudes that a customer exhibits that demonstrate loyalty to a product, service, or brand, such as repeat purchases or choosing the brand over a competitor.

When you make a sale, it’s easy to assume you’ve just served another satisfied customer. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The customer experience comes in all shapes and sizes, and the more you know about your business’s experience, the easier it is to make it better.

For brick-and-mortar stores, face-to-face interaction can give you some idea of how a customer experience is going. It’s safe to assume a customer who is yelling at a sales rep, for example, isn’t having a great experience. It’s safe to assume someone who comes in frequently with friends and family, on the other hand, is a loyal customer.

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